How To Get A Free Laptop – Without Referrals!

As many of you have heard there are websites that give away laptops.

Certain of these sites require you to complete different offers and have from 3 to 5 people (referrals) who would also complete the offers – only that you get your free laptop.

Recently NBC interviewed the owner of one of the “Get a Free Laptop” sites. It was confirmed that you can get a free laptop through the site – without having to refer anyone else. The site offers you two (2) options;

1. You complete 2 silver offers, 2 gold offers and 6 platinum offers – you get a free laptop.

2. You complete 2 silver offers, 2 gold offers and get 20 offers completed by other people (referrals) – you get a free laptop.

So how does the whole “Get a Free Laptop” system works?

The owner of the website offering you a free laptop gets paid a decent amount of money by advertiser every time you complete an offer. Users do complete the offers because most of them are FREE trials, some cost you a dollar or two, all these offers could be canceled at any time – so you aren’t stuck paying for a membership you do not like to find useful. Advertisers pay a big buck for every sign up because they gain a potential lifetime customers, some of the offers are so great that you wouldn’t want to cancel.

It is a win-win-win situation for everyone. You get a free laptop and most of the time you don’t cancel your subscription to the offers since you find them to be very useful and at a great value. The advertiser is happy because he gained another customer, who might be referring the product/service to other people, of course if he’s happy with it. The website owner is happy because he got paid for you signing up, sent you a free laptop and now enjoys his profit – which is usually over 400$ per customer.

As stated in NBC interview, more and more people sign up for the free laptop. How to get a free laptop without referrals has in fact became a newest and hottest trend in the USA. As people want to be more mobile, personal computers lose their popularity and customers have a bigger appetite for laptops and notebooks, especially when they can get it at absolutely no cost, or almost.

You have to be cautious about these websites though, many of them are pure scam.

You will complete the offers and never hear from the site again. When signing up to one of these sites, make sure they provide the means of getting in touch with them for any possible inquiries on your part as well as a “Gift Status” tool, so you could verify that all the required offers are completed and your laptop is on its way. A sure way of getting a free laptop is signing up to verified websites, the ones you see on TV. NBC and CNN reviewed some of these offers and confirmed a few sites that are legit and do live up to their promises.